Gate are made from 3/4" and 1" box tubing. The gates can be made so they open one way or split in the middle so they open either direction. You also have the option of having your initials incorporated into the design. Prices start at $2000.00 plus shipping &handling. Click on image to see a larger picture.

If you are interested in a custom gate, contact me with the size and I will quote a price for you.

One piece gate

One Piece Gate

One piece gate

Split Gate

Split gate

Garden Gate prices start at $2000.00 and are built to your dimensions. 

Garden gate  garden gate view 2  garden gate view 3
View 1                    View 2                   View 3

View 1                    View 2

These latches can be made small for use on stall doors or larger for use on gates.  $59.00

gate latch


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